Is it worth restoring?
If it is a well made item of furniture, then yes! They don't make furniture like they used to! Current day most furniture comes in a box and needs to be assembled, the older items tend to have real joinery and thought was put into the lifetime of the item when it was made. Plus, we love when our clients chose to refinish and keep their furniture out of the landfills.

I have multiple items, can you take them at once?
With our huge 10,000sqft location, we can take on any size jobs. We have the ability to take an entire church or house load of furniture at once, restore it and bring it back without the hassle of multiple visits. Come check out our facility! Its one of the largest in the industry!

Where are you located?
We are currently located at 1 Rosetta st Unit 12 Georgetown Ontario L7G 3P1

How long have you been in the restoration business?
The president of the company Scott W. Page, had a passion for business and furniture at the young age of 16 and while in school studied mainly in the woodworking fields, Scott enrolled in Ontario youth and apprenticeship program and completed 2 years of cabinet making, from there he opened his first company in the furniture industry doing touch ups and on site repairs. After graduating Conestoga College for Cabinet Making Scott then went full time at the age of 24 and opened Furniture Renew in its current location by the age of 25. After 10 years at 1 Rosetta st Georgetown, the shop is busier and busier year by year.

How long will it take?
This is a tricky answer! It all depends on the type of finish color and process being applied to the item in question. Some of the other factors that play a role in delayed completion dates may be: What substances the table may have had on it over the years, residues like tobacco smoke, aerosol polish cleaners, waxes, greases will impact the final stages of finishing and can cause chemical reactions that we have to take the proper procedures to repair. If your project does not react badly in the finishing stage then most items take 2-3 weeks for a single item such as a dining table.

What steps are taken to refinish my project?
We do everything by hand, from removing the existing finish, or fabrics to sanding, repairing and making our own custom stains, we firmly believe that the best outcome is achieved by age old methods and old fashioned hard work. As you can imagine, we put a lot of time and care into each project and some may take longer than others depending on how many repairs are needed and the amount of detail involved.