Understanding Refinishing

To our valued client: Please understand the process of refinishing can turn up some challenges along the way of your project. Previous repairs, deep scratches and color matching may not turn out absolutely perfect but we will certainly use skills and knowledge from the decades of combined information we have gathered in the refinishing industry to make sure your project looks as amazing as possible.

Color Matching: Please note the extreme difficulty matching one item to an existing set of furniture. For instance, if you have a dining table, but do not want to have the rest of your matching set refinished at the same time, we cannot guarantee absolute perfection on color. The main reason for this is the current finish on your furniture has seen wear and tear, time in the UV of the sun and general age. Pigments and colors will fade over time, wash out or be dissolved by the wood. The pigments we use today are not the same pigments that were used when your furniture was made thus proving many challenges. Although we are known for our great near perfection color matches, we always advise that things refinished at different times may not match your set due to the reasons above.

Repairs: Please note your furniture may have previously been refinished or repaired, this sometimes makes our job more difficult but if noted ahead of time we will explain the process. We only use the strongest bonding agents and skills to repair your items, but please understand sometimes there are factors involved that need to be taken with realistic consideration.

Polishes/cleaners: It is our career long goal to have everyone throw out their aerosol spray wax cleaners. These cleaners cause more harm to your furniture than you may know. These cleaners have harmful ingredients that actually soak into your finish, through into the wood. Our refinishing process becomes much more tricky, and we get chemical reactions from these polishes, this can sometimes double the labor time on your project.

Cleaning instructions

Do not use anything other than diluted liquid soap and warm water – dry immediately using a microfiber cloth for both cleaning and drying. Do not focus rubbing on one area if something is stuck or marred on the finish, this may cause a shiny spot almost like a polish mark.

If you happen to get a white heat mark, steam or alcohol white mark in the finish, call us right away, do not apply any cleaners or attempt to repair it, we can remove it on site in your home for a reasonable price which won’t cause any more harm to your table.

If you have any questions regarding cleaning or after care please call us